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Privacy  |  Terms of Use  |   © 2019 Harrison-AI Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. is hiring technical talent with experience in deep learning and also healthcare professionals. In particular, we are looking to hire AI researchers, clinicians, medical professionals and software developers.

Our mission is to continuously innovate and commercialise more efficient and more affordable healthcare products and services for healthcare providers and patients. We believe that AI will be one of the most important and widely beneficial breakthroughs in healthcare and medicine ever made. This mission runs through the heart of —it’s reflected in our work, our values and in our culture. We look for people who have a lifelong commitment to learning and who are passionate about making a positive impact for the whole world. 

It’s the unique contributions of all team members that drive our success. is committed to a culture where everyone can thrive and find meaning in their work. We are committed to providing an environment free of discrimination for everyone. recognises its responsibility to bring the latest artificial intelligence breakthroughs in healthcare to not only those patients that can afford them, but also undeserved communities around the world and uses its best endeavours to make available each year 5% of the total hours of work of our employees and/or 5% of our products to approved charitable, not-for-profit public health and/or health equity projects. 

Please e-mail us at or apply to available roles via our LinkedIn Page